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Flash dryer has the advantages of high thermal efficiency, short drying time and good energy-saving effect


Flash dryer In the past, our country can not yet achieve self-production dryer, the Drying Equipment required for the production of various industries have to spend expensive to purchase from abroad. At present, China's dryer industry has formed a very large industrial scale, in addition to meet the needs of the domestic market, the dryer produced in China also go abroad and exported to overseas. At present, the dryer industry in our country is mainly distributed in the eastern region. This is because the eastern region is the first open region in our country. The economy is prosperous and the industrial technology is relatively advanced. In recent years, with the rise of our national economy and the continuous development of the central and western regions, the dryer industry in our country has also shown the trend of spreading to the central region. As we all know, dryer is an indispensable drying equipment in modern industrial production. China's dryer industry in the recent nearly 30 years of development, has made remarkable achievements. Eighties of last century, China's production of less than one hundred thousand species of dryer. After entering the new century, China has produced 500,000 kinds of dryer.

flash dryer

Flash dryer has the advantages of high thermal efficiency, short drying time and good energy-saving effect. Due to the fast drying speed and short heating time of the material, it is not easy to damage the components of the dried material. In particular, the drying of the paste material can be directly dried to make the powdery dry product, thereby saving the processes of pretreatment, drying, smashing and screening; Is conducive to the drying of heat-sensitive materials; drying process is completely closed, no impurities mixed, high-quality finished products, the operating environment is good. At present, the flash dryer has been designed according to different materials a variety of models and formed a series of products in the chemical, pharmaceutical, light industry, food, minerals and other industries more widely used.

flash dryer

Flash drying equipment will be a high viscosity paste, sediment or filter cake material once dried into powder, without secondary crushing. As the drying time is short, the material temperature is low, more suitable for some heat-sensitive materials and biological bacteria and other dry. And rotating flash dryer has the advantages of simple structure, convenient operation, small footprint, low energy consumption and no dust flying in micro negative pressure operation, which greatly improves the operating environment. Therefore, its scope of application is more and more widespread. Cyclotron chamber has a variety of structural forms, there are three more typical, the first is a large cone, the lower ring-shaped bottom space and the collector chamber connected to the lower part of the dispersing device rotary vane directly to the annulus. Some have also taken steps to make the ring-shaped basement adjustable form. This type of dryer is generally operated with a positive pressure for the drying of highly viscous materials, and the interior of the plenum chamber is generally of a volute structure that evenly distributes the hot air entering the flashbreaking section. There is also the form of a cylinder plus wind deflector wind. The measures taken are to avoid the dead of the wind.

sprial flash dryer

Rotary flash dryer air heated to ~ 230 ° C by the heater into the Spin Flash Dryer. The wet material is fed into the screw feeding mechanism by the conveying device, and the screw feeder can be steplessly adjusted in speed. The material is forced into the main tower after being squeezed, then it is smashed with blades rotating at high speed and with different angles, and then the high-temperature air impinging into the main tower of the spin-drying drier drills high-speed rotation and entrains and the airflow temperature drops rapidly , The material quickly evaporates to complete the drying process. The material is dried with high-speed high-temperature airflow into the pulse bag filter. Air flow from the outside of the filter bag, up to the discharge, in order to prevent the accumulation of filter bag, by the pulse solenoid valve timing, by the upper part of each filter bag input high pressure air flow (0.5 ~ 0.6Mpa), repeatedly recoil the filter bag, in order to achieve the best dust effect.
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